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How Does It Work?

One of the best ways to understand what various career fields have in store for you is to actually meet professionals in these career fields. Shadow Your Future gets these opportunities for you by connecting you with professionals who are willing to be shadowed for a few hours or meet virtually to address your questions regarding their job.

Fill Out The Form Below:

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Why do I need to fill out an application?

The opportunities we provide are designated for students who express genuine interest in exploring different fields. The professionals working with Shadow Your Future are donating their time, therefore every student must be willing to put in the same effort.

How long does it take for my applications to be reviewed?

You will receive a response from regarding your application approximately 4 weeks after submitting the form.

What are training sessions?

Training sessions are an available Shadow Your Future service that take place prior to opportunities. They are approximately 20-minute meetings via Zoom with a Shadow Your Future team member in a private or group setting who will aid you in how to interact with professionals during opportunities. Training sessions continue for as long as you need; we are here to support you. *Please note that these training sessions are mandatory for freshmen.*

Who's eligible to apply?

**In-person opportunities are open to anyone who will be a sophomore in the 23-24 school year and upperclassmen ONLY who are capable of traveling to the NYC metropolitan area**. We offer virtual meetings to highschoolers of all classes.

What is the difference between in-person shadowing, virtual shadowing, and a virtual meeting?

Shadowing allows you to observe a professional as you perform your daily tasks, giving you a better understanding of the work atmosphere and workload. To to this, you follow the professional around the physical workplace (in-person) or watch their screen in a zoom meeting (virtual). Virtual meetings are short meetings with professionals to address your questions regarding their workplace and career.

How will Shadow Your Future contact me?

All emails regarding your opportunity will come from If you do not respond to an email, you will receive a text. Failure to respond to communication may result in Shadow Your Future revoking your opportunity and your ability to participate in future opportunities.

How do I get in contact with professionals?

We handle all forms of communication. You can direct any questions regarding a specific professional or their workplace to

How long does shadowing last?

The duration of your shadowing opportunity or virtual meeting is entirely dependent on the availability of both parties (you and the professional).

How am I matched to a professional?

We review the fields and opportunities you express interest in when applying and match you to a professional in that field who is open to that opportunity. Importantly, this means that the more niche your expressed interests are, the longer your wait time for a match will be. We also ensure your availability matches the availability of the professional.

Can I apply to shadow/meet with several professionals?

Yes, after the conclusion of a successful opportunity, you are welcome to request additional opportunities. You can also indicate a change in interests or availabilities at the time.

How will my privacy be protected?

Your application is only accessible by Shadow Your Future team members. Certain details (your name, pronouns, grade level, availability, and interests) are shared with the professional you will be meeting.

How do I apply?

Fill out the form above, or click the link here.

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